Property Auctions

Property Auctions

Clark County Department of Aviation Property Auctions

Surplus land will be sold at public auction pursuant to the Clark County Department of Aviation Surplus Land Sale Policy and procedures set forth in NRS 244.282.

Auctions for sales may either be conducted at the Joint Meeting of the Clark County Board of Commissioners (BCC) or online. Staff will first present a Resolution of Intent to Sell Real Property at Public Auction (“Resolution”) agenda item for BCC approval. The Resolution will identify the appraised fair market value of the property, public auction date, and terms of sale. Meeting agendas may be viewed at the Clark County Public Communications website.

Information on upcoming auctions will be posted below as it becomes available, click on the listed parcel number to view location and additional property details. Subscribe to receive automatic email notifications on upcoming auctions and the sale results.

Fall 2021 Surplus Land Auction:

Clark County has established a preliminary list of property for the Fall 2021 Department of Aviation Surplus Land Auction (“Fall 2021 Auction”) comprised of ±176.49 acres divided into 11 sale units. Click here to view the preliminary property list and map for the Fall 2021 Auction.

Nomination Period for Fall 2021 Surplus Land Auction:

Clark County will consider allowing additional property to be included in the Fall 2021 Auction, through the nomination process. Due to the limitation of staff resources required for the auction process it is necessary to limit the overall amount of property included in each auction. Therefore, in consideration of staff resources it has been determined that up to five (5) additional sale units can be accommodated, provided a nomination is received on the property.

Property eligible for the nomination process was established based on a combination of factors including interest, potential for assemblage, etc. Click here to view the list and map of properties eligible for nomination for the Fall 2021 Auction.

The nomination period will open on Tuesday, April 6, 2021 and close at 4:00 p.m. PDT on Monday, April 19, 2021. If you are interested in nominating any of this property to be included in the Fall 2021 Auction please contact Clark County Dept. of Aviation at (702) 261-3241 for instructions.

As established by Section 20.15.010 of Clark County Code, the following fees are required for a property nomination:

1. Nonrefundable $100.00 filing fee.

2. Research Fee:
    0 to 1.00 acres: $1,500.00
    1.01 to 3.00 acres: $3,000.00
    3.01 to 5.00 acres: $5,000.00
    5.01 to 10.00 acres: $7,000.00
    10.01 to 15.00 acres: $10,000.00
    15.01 and above acres: $15,000.00

The research fee is non-refundable unless the property is sold at the Fall 2021 Auction. If the property is sold then the research fee will be (a) returned to the nominating party upon execution of all required documents to close escrow if the nominating party is not the successful bidder; or (b) applied to the closing costs when the nominating party is the successful bidder.

Please note that submitting a property nomination does not guarantee it will be included in the auction. All nominations must undergo a review process. Nominations that are selected for inclusion in the auction will be sold to the highest bidder during the public auction.

Past Auctions: