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Express Exit at McCarran

Express Exit at McCarran

Express Exit is a fast and easy way to pay for airport parking.

  • Take an Express Exit ticket when you enter the parking facility. Be sure to carry the Express Exit Ticket with you - don’t leave it behind in your car because that’s your “ticket” to getting out of the parking lot quickly when you return.
  • Choose your parking spot, and enjoy your trip.
  • Look for a bright yellow Express Exit Pay Station when you’re ready to return to your vehicle.  Pay Stations are located on Levels 1 and 2 in the Terminal 1 parking garage, on Level 1 in the Terminal 3 parking garage and near all other airport parking areas.
  • Insert your Express Exit ticket, follow the steps and pay with cash or credit card. Pay Stations do not accept coins.  If you want a receipt, be sure to select that option when prompted.
  • Remember to take your Express Exit ticket when you complete your transaction, you’ll need it when you exit the parking lot.
  • Once you get in your car proceed to an Express Exit lane, insert your ticket, take your receipt and you’re on your way…vroom, vroom!
  • If you forgot to use an Express Exit Pay Station before getting in your vehicle, you can still pay with a credit card at the parking lot exit using a designated Express Exit lane.

Terminal 3 Parking

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