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Virtual Assistance

Virtual Assistance


Aira is a subscription-based program designed to help the visually impaired. Using a pair of video-equipped smart glasses and a touch of a button through an app, users are connected to a trained professional agent who can see the individual's surroundings and guide them to their desired end location. In a fast-paced environment such as an airport, Aira allows visually impaired passengers to act in real-time more independently. Visit for more information.


MagnusCards, a free app designed for individuals who have autism or other cognitive special needs, offers “decks” of cards with detailed step-by-step instructions for everyday activities. The cards are presented in a game-like mode to help decrease stress and increase a sense of independence. MagnusCards provide step-by-step guidance for standard airport procedures at McCarran such as checking in, security screening, finding a restroom, boarding an airplane, or getting your bags.

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